PSALM 109:30 I will give great praise and thanks to the Lord with my mouth; yes, and I will praise Him among the multitude.

We come into His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts and into His courts with praise. We are first to be thankful and then lift up our praise to Him. We must tell of His greatness and sing of how glorious He is. We must have dealings with Him to be able to praise Him. We must think on Him and stay focused on Him.

Our society is one who wants to be entertained. We have the mentality that when we go to Church we are going to be entertained by the music and the speaker. But we have a part in the worship that will never please the Lord if we do not obey our calling.

Just think on all the wonderful subjects that are written in the Psalms. There is so much teaching and comfort in that little book. But how does David sum it all up at the end?

PSALM 150:6

6. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.

This sums up all we are to do. If we are alive and are breathing, we are to praise the Lord. We cannot just jump into worship. We must praise Him first and all the time. This does not say to do it only at Church on Sunday or when things go wrong so you can get them right again. But His praise should always be on our lips and in our hearts. It should become who we are living inside of us.

And if this be the case it will make us a very happy person. It will always lift our spirits into the heavenly realm where the devil is not allowed to come. This is where we are in God’s presence and safe from harm.

This is the atmosphere of His presence and His worship. We are no longer at His gate or in His courts, but He has admitted us into His house where He lives. There is great joy in His presence. This is His will for us. He does not just want us to visit but to dwell in this wonderful place.

All of creation will be praising Him. Let us always be a part of that great company!


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