16. So those who (now) are last will be first (then), and those who now are first will be last (then). For many are called but few chosen. Amp.

The Lord is using a parable of workers that show up for a job. The owner of an estate hired some of them at the beginning of the day while others had to wait to be hired. They were hired at the latter part of the day. When it became time to be paid for their work, they were all paid the same amount.

Today if someone did that, they would probably have The Labor Department called on them. Today there are Labor Laws that protect workers. Workers are usually hired to get paid by the hour. They are required to pay overtime if they work in excess of 8 hours a day, or 40 hours per week. But still there are many who are not paid fair wages.

This owner paid the ones who worked 1 hour as much as the ones who worked 8 hours. We know this is a parable of the Kingdom of God. So, what is He saying?

I believe this is the Church working to save souls and bring in the harvest, possibly the last harvest. There are many Churches that are full, and the preachers are very successful, and some have enlarged their ministry to TV and beyond to save souls. They are very busy, I am sure.

And then there are those who wait. They may be the intercessors, worshippers, new preachers or new Christians. They must however all be servants (verse 26). There is a ministry in waiting that we can only trust to be good. We cannot know all the work that the Lord is doing in our spirit when we wait for doors to open.

His plan is different for each one. He may have a plan in eternity that puts them in a place that needs more maturity than others. Only the Lord knows. He also knows how hard it is to wait and I believe those who wait will be recompensed for their obedience in waiting.

These positions are ordained by the Father like Jesus told James and John. The seats at His right hand and left hand are very special. They would have to be given to souls who have been perfected in the refining process and have come out as gold to sit next to Jesus.

They must have waited a long time before they were chosen for a ministry on this earth. Many are called to go out and reap the harvest, but few are chosen to sit beside Jesus. The first will be last, and the last will be first.

PSALM 38:7

7. And now, Lord, what do I wait for and expect? My hope and expectation are in You.


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