JOHN 10:27

27. The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

This scripture is telling us that He is wanting to speak to us. He is expecting us to listen to His voice and know it. We must spend time alone and learn to be still enough to hear Him speak to us. He speaks to the still place in our heart.

Some just go on their way. If He speaks to them they will be blessed, but they do not set apart a special time giving Him the opportunity to speak to them. Usually He speaks only to those who are surrendered and believing. As in the days of Samuel, He had stopped speaking to Eli because of his sin and chose to speak to Samuel.

If we are bound by some besetting sin, as fear or bitterness, that spirit will try to invade our thoughts and speak. Pride and fear have a voice and will speak if we let them. We must begin by binding the spirits that oppress us. Worry and anxiety hinders the flow. We must learn to be calm and still.

The only way you can know God’s voice is to know the enemy’s voice and your own voice of flesh. We are to always test the spirits and pray and ask if what we heard is from the Lord. He is always in control of what we hear. We must remember it is a learning experience and not get discouraged. We need His direction now more than ever.

The first time I tried to hear Him speak to me, I heard Him tell me to read Psalm 91. That was one of the happiest days of my life. It is so wonderful to know that He wants to speak to us. There is nothing that compares.

Watching TV can create strongholds in the mind and really make it difficult to hear. It is best to cease from the Media. What is the most important thing to you? TV also hinders worship and prayer greatly. It is best to let it go.


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  1. My experience in hearing the voice of Jesus was more like learning to discern the urges of the Spirit of God in me. I have never heard the audible voice of God, but I know that he does speak to me from deep inside of my heart and spirit. It’s been a journey for me to understand the ways that he speaks to me, and I recognize that he speaks to others in different ways, I’m just glad that he speaks to me too. God bless, and thank you for this nugget.


    1. It is still that way for me. too. But I read a lot from David Wilkerson, and he had a message about how he learned God’s voice and I did what he taught and it worked. The main thing I had to learn was to be still and to let peace rule. That is when He speaks. The key is in waiting and not giving up. I have been so blessed. I believe He is waiting to speak to you mighty things Pedro!

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