REVELATION 22:7 And behold, I am coming speedily, Blessed (happy and to be envied) is he who observes and lays to heart and keeps the truths of the prophecy – the predictions, consolations and warnings – contained in this book. Amp.


Truth -d the quality of being true; conformity with the fact; reality; actual existence, agreement with a standard, rule, etc. correctness; that which is true; an established or verified fact.

The Lord is coming back and warning us to keep the truths that are in this book. What are some of these truths we found that we need to remember and keep?


  1. Be loyal and faithful unto death.
  2. Do not leave your first love.
  3. Fear nothing you are about to suffer
  4. Not to eat food sacrificed to idols.
  5. Not give themselves to sexual vice
  6. Not tolerate Jezebel
  7. Keep awake and watch
  8. Keep lesson of patient endurance (bear trials)
  9. Not be lukewarm
  10. Not to cling to life when faced with death
  11. Rejoice and dwell in the heavens
  12. Put on the 2 wings of a giant eagle
  13. Worship God
  14. Not to do homage to the Beast
  15. Not to receive Mark of the Beast
  16. Not to worship his statue
  17. To come out from Babylon, not to share in plagues
  18. Guard your clothes so not to be exposed.

This is of course a partial list. But nevertheless, it has a majority of what is vital so as to be safe when He returns. We have gone over most of them in previous posts.

As we walk with the Holy Spirit, He will guide us into all truth. He will show us the way to obey all of His commands so that we will be in right standing with Him when times get rough. The main thing we must all do is to have true faith in Jesus and rely upon His Name and sacrifice. That is our justification and will keep us safe from the wrath of God. Romans 5:9


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