PSALM 18:27

27. For You deliver an afflicted and humble people but will bring down haughty looks. Amp.


Afflicted -c) depressed in mind or circumstances, humble, needy and poor.

Deliver -d) to set free or save from evil, danger etc.

Depressed -d) gloomy, dejected, or sad.

The Lord is watching all people. He sees the pain we go through. He sees why we go through things. He has mercy on those who are struggling. But those who think they have all the answers and need no help from above, He brings down.

This makes affliction not so bad!

Many times, we are sad for no real reason. The devil can lie to you and make things look much worse than they are. Then there are times when circumstances are really tough and hard to bear. These are the times we must get our eyes on Jesus and His power and off of our problems. Being thankful for what we do have is a great help in times of affliction. Things always get better when we are thankful.

Verse 39 says He has given me strength for the battle. No matter what we go through, He will aways be there for us with power from on high. It is when we know we cannot make it on our own that He is there. The haughty need no help.

PSALM 34:17

17. When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their distress and troubles. Amp.


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