PSALM 68:28

28, Your God has commanded your strength (your might in His service and impenetrable hardness to temptation). O God display Your might and strengthen what you have wrought for us! Amp.

This is a promise that we need every day to help us through. Satan will always try to drain us of our strength whether spiritual or physical. If He has commanded our strength, we should have plenty. If we allow our spirit to be drained, it will show up in our body. Too much time in front of any media screen if not needed will cause the Holy Spirit to leak out. You will be weak and dry and wonder why!

At Church Sunday Mary, a wonderful singer started singing a song that the Holy Spirit gave her. I don’t recall the words perfectly, but she was saying to come deeper into the water of the Holy Spirit and as you come you will find all you need. We must keep coming deeper and deeper. Sometimes we can get tired and sit down. If we still have work to do, sitting down will stop the flow. I have experienced this. The strength is in pressing through, not in stopping.

This is also the case in the spiritual realm. If He is calling you to step out and do something you have not done before, you won’t get the strength to do it until you step into the water. We do not have His grace to do things until we are doing that thing. But when we go ahead in faith the needed strength will be there. He will never fail us but will supply our needs.

He will also guard us against temptation. We can usually see what Satan is up to in our life. If we begin praying and binding Satan in that area it will end before it ever begins. We must do the spiritual warfare needed in every situation or Satan will sneak in and surprise you. We must use the authority we have been given. This is the watching we must do. We must be on the lookout daily for the deceits and strategies of the enemy and stop him before he gets his foot in the door.

There are prayers that we ask God for help. Then He says yes! Then we must fight to get our answer and not let Satan steal our victory. If the Lord has said yes, there is no reason we should not have the victory. We must bind the spirits in that situation.

Psalm 20:9 O Lord, give victory; let the King answer when we call.



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