7. For your (former) shame you shall have a twofold recompense; instead of dishonor and reproach your people shall rejoice in their portion; therefore, in their land they shall possess double what they had forfeited everlasting joy shall be theirs. Amp.


Forfeit -d) something that one has to give up because of some crime, fault, neglect, crime or penalty.

The last days are days of recompense. The Lord is turning things upside down. His people will possess double what they forfeited. There are times when serving the Lord that you must walk away from certain battles that Satan places in front of you to get you off track. We must be diligent in our service to the Lord. Satan will go to great lengths to stop you from praying.

We must at times decide what is more important. Our prayer time and service to the Lord is the most important thing that we do upon this earth. If we allow these earthly obstacles to take us away, then Satan will have his foot in the door. There will be more opportunities to interrupt our most valuable time to the Lord.

If we ignore the earthly battle and put it in the Lord’s hand, eventually He will recompense us double for what we have lost along with everlasting joy.

Obadiah 17

17. But on Mount Zion (in Jerusalem) there shall be deliverance, for those who escape, and it shall be holy; and the house of Jacob shall possess their own former possessions. Amp.

This is also a promise for the latter days. The Lord looks on all the suffering at the hands of others and will restore. He will deliver and makes us holy. We end up with not only our former possessions but deliverance and holiness. If we had hung onto those earthly things that is all we would have which will die with this world anyway.

Psalm 84:11 For the Lord God is a sun and shield, the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will He withhold from them who walk uprightly. KJV.



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