MATTHEW 25:31-32

31. When the Son of man comes in His glory (His majesty and splendor) and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory.

32. All nations shall be gathered before Him, and He will separate them (the people) from one another as a shepherd separates his sheep from the goats. Amp.

The Lord has given us all talents that we are to use in His service. Matthew 25 tells us about those who buried their talents. They said that they buried them because they knew Him to be a harsh man. Of course, we know they were wrong.

They did not use their talents because they did not know their master. The key to any service we give to the Lord has to be done with our heart. If we know Him, we will love Him. If we love Him, we will want to please Him in every way. We are motivated by our love for Him.

This goes back to Matt. 25:12. He is coming for those He is acquainted with. Our first responsibility to the Lord is to spend time with Him, getting to know Him. That is not prayer time or reading time, but communion time. This is time for intimate conversation with our Lord. We can share our deepest hurts and desires with Him. He knows them anyway. But He wants us to pour out our heart to Him. Then He will find a way to answer us back. And our heart will rejoice because we will remember our conversation.

What is the difference between sheep and goats? The only one I know is that goats will eat anything including garbage. Sheep eat grass from a green pasture. God’s sheep will not eat a false doctrine. They have the witness of the Holy Spirit within them that will rise up and say something is wrong. Goats will eat anything and be led astray by a false teaching.

The main thing about the talents we have been given is to be faithful in the small things. Most people want to move into a large ministry too quickly. We must learn His ways before we can be used the way He wants to use us. So, we must be content with the smaller things and be faithful in them. That is when it grows.

We must learn to pray and minister unto one of the least of these, the lowly and unimportant. Then we have ministered unto Jesus. That is not usually seen in the larger ministries.

45. And He will reply to them, Solemnly I declare to you, in so far as you failed to do it for the least of these (in estimation of men) you failed to do it for Me.

We must be alert to the works He has given us to do and not miss the small and insignificant ones that come our way.



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    1. I know! I watched a few minutes and realized it was something I needed. I have never heard anyone preach about Tabitha; I heard the part about widows. I have been a widow for close to 20 years and really look forward to your message. You are just beautiful to me. I will get to it. I promise!

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