1 Thessalonians 4:16

16. For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with a voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first;


Trump -c) through the idea of reverberation or quavering, a vibration, billow, wave; to rock, vibrate (same as earthquake).

Shout -c) cry of incitement; command.

The first time a trumpet is blown in the Bible is in Exodus 19:16. The Lord was the only one on Mt. Sinai at the time. He told Moses to tell the people to be ready on the 3rd day, to sanctify them and to have them wash their clothes. Does this not symbolize the last days?

When they stood at the foot of the mountain, there was a loud trumpet blast, thunder, lightning and the mountain quaked greatly, so that the people trembled. The Lord came down and told Moses to warn the people not to come and gaze at the Lord or they would perish.

The trumpet is sounding a warning. He is coming! Get ready. Rev. 16:15 says to guard our clothes. The Lord came down then and will again descend from heaven with a shout, voice of the archangel (probably Michael, Dan 12:1), and with the trump of God. I do not believe this is one of the 7 Trumpets because it is God’s trump.

Phil Driscoll made this great statement on “Selah 1” back in the 90’s. I believe it is very prophetically true and way ahead of its time.

“In the heart of every man, every woman, is an awareness of heavenly sounds. As I write this to you, the building blocks of these sounds are already on earth. I believe they are here now. Not only will this music incorporate technology, but most importantly, it will contain the Presence of the Living God. It will literally be a staircase to the heavenlies. When you and I as believers worship Him, we enter into His Presence. Literally we escape from the influences of all the powers of darkness and our physical circumstances. We are filled with his glory and Light and we are changed.”

Phil Driscoll

Excerpts from “Selah 1”

In Acts 2:2 there came suddenly from heaven a sound from heaven as a mighty rushing wind. The definition of sound in the Greek is reverberate which is the same as trumpet and what a trumpet does. The disciples were beginning a new anointed message. The Lord was doing a new thing.

Today we are on the brink of a new thing. He is coming back with His judgments and His rewards. He will begin to rule and reign on a new earth. He will have an anointed special sound in the music that we worship to, and it will lift us up to be forever with the Lord. I believe that sound is in the trumpet that Phil plays.

I know I heard “Selah 1” back in the 90’s, but I did not really hear it. I had to go through a lot of trials before I was able to hear what I am hearing now. The Peter that preached at Pentecost was not the same Peter that denied Christ. We must go through a change to become the worshippers He wants us to be.

The worship brought Peter into the Presence of God and He was changed. As we worship with the heavenly sounds we too will be changed and caught up to worship the Lord in the heavenly realm.

The message has changed. The people in Moses’ day trembled. We have the Blood of Jesus that has opened up the way for us to come into His presence and worship as much as we want. There is no limit. He says come and receive all you want.

There is no coincidence that trumpet, sound and earthquake all mean the same thing. He is calling us up to Him with a shaking. He knows what He is doing. Let us answer and come and worship His Mighty Name!



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