PSALM 21:1-3

  1. The king (David) shall joy in Your strength, O Lord; and in Your salvation how greatly shall he rejoice!
  2. You have given him his heart’s desire and have not withheld the request of his lips. Selah.
  3. For You send blessings of good things to meet him; You set a crown of pure gold on his head. Amp,

Psalm 17:15 As for me, I will continue beholding Your face in righteousness — rightness. justice and right standing with You; I shall be fully satisfied, when I awake (to find myself) beholding Your form and having sweet communion with You. Amp.

The Lord has the first place in his heart. His heart’s desire is to have sweet communion with the Lord. And the Lord has given it to Him. When Jesus is first and this world and all of its glitter has no effect on you anymore, that is when the blessings start to flow. I believe Psalm 17 tells us what David’s chief desire was.

He will never give us anything that will block His presence that we need the most. But when we come to the place of brokenness and lay all things at His feet, He gives them all back to us. He wants to prosper us and give us all things. It is when these things are a snare to us because of our fleshly desires have not been dealt the death blow that He withholds them.

The things of this world have no value compared to the wonders of His company. There is nothing in this world that can satisfy the soul but Jesus. So, when we come to this wonderful place, He gives you back the 100-fold return. And it still does not compare with one moment in His presence.

Psalm 4:7-8

7. You have put more joy and rejoicing in my heart than (they know) when their wheat and new wine have yielded abundantly.

8. In peace, I will both lie down and sleep, for you, Lord alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust. Amp.



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