4. I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues. Amp.


Babylon -c) Confusion, to overflow, to mix, fodder

Fodder -d) Coarse food for cattle, horses, etc., as hay and straw.

Media -d) Medium

Medium -d) one through whom communications are sent from the spirits of the dead.

Magi -d) the priestly caste in ancient Media-Persia.

Chaldeans -c) Magian or professional astrologers.

In verse 2 an angel is announcing that Babylon has fallen and has become a corrupt abode for demons and loathsome spirits. It is now clear that it is not the place to be. If God’s people are there, they are in danger of suffering her punishments. So just what is Babylon and how are we sure we are not there? No one wants to share in her plagues.

Babylon, Media – Persia

The Jews had been taken captive by Babylon when they came into Israel and burned the temple and took over the city. Jeremiah warned for at least 20 years that this was coming, but most did not heed the warning. They had fallen from God and served the idols of the other nations.

The King of Babylon was eventually taken over by Media-Persia. That is where Esther, Nehemiah, and Ezra were living. This all has significant meaning for us today. God sent Israel to Babylon because of their sin. This is also where the Christian goes spiritually when he backslides and turns to the world and the flesh for pleasure.

The definition of Babylon means to mix and confusion. When we try to mix Christianity with the world and self-will you get confusion. Your spirit will feed on unhealthy food that will not satisfy the soul of a Christian. After a while, Media-Persia takes over and a new king reigns. There is no coincidence that the word is Media. My definition is from 1974, before the computer age. So who does it look like is doing the communicating in the Media?

The people of Media-Persia are the Chaldeans. They studied the “stars” professionally. What stars of today are studied through the Media?

We have all been raised with television or computers. But when you ask Jesus to forgive you and change you, He will. He will put your feet upon a rock and change you for the better with a magnificent plan for you if you follow Him. He will not lead you to sit back in front of a screen to fill your mind with fodder.

I stopped watching TV years ago only to have a huge battle on my hands. I had many times that I was being healed of hurts and could not handle the pain. I ran back to the TV over and over because it stopped my pain. The Lord got me through it, and I have not run back to the TV in years.

He always kept me praying and worshipping during those times. But I noticed that when I watched TV the Presence of God for me was like drops when there use to be a flood. You cannot mix your life with the Media. You must pray and be careful where you spend your time, or you may be caught in the plagues that are coming.

1 Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink the Lord’s cup and the demon’s cup. You cannot partake of the Lord’s table and the demon’s table. Amp.

Today is the day to choose the Lord’s table. That day is so near that Babylon will fall and then it may be too late!



4 thoughts

  1. Powerful message very relevant and one of my favorite

    This definition of Babylon which says The definition of Babylon means to mix and confusion. When we try to mix Christianity with the world and self-will you get confusion. 
    This liberating I was meditating on 1Timothy 6 which talks about how we trouble ourselves with seeking riches.
    Lets move out of this confusion and seek God and His righteousness


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