2 PETER 3:14

So, beloved, since you are expecting these things, be eager to be found by Him (at His coming) without spot or blemish, and at peace — in serene confidence, free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts. Amp.


Peace -c) safe, well, happy, welfare, health, prosperity, rest, favor, quietness.

Serene -d) clear, unclouded as a serene sky; undisturbed, calm; quiet.

Diligent -d) persevering and careful in work, hardworking, careful effort.

King James Version says to “be diligent.” We must be always in prayer and worship ministering to those who come our way with patience and love. But we must also be diligent in resisting the fears that come our way. He wants us to be at rest in Him knowing that He is taking perfectly good care of us and there is nothing to fear.

If the eyes of our spirit are on Him, we are at rest. It is when we take our eyes off Jesus like Peter did when He walked on the water with Jesus. Our eyes get on the waves in our life. That causes fear. He wants us to be in serene confidence in Him when He comes. We have to learn how to resist the fear in our life. It is not our nature to be serene and at peace when things go wrong.

He wants us to know He is right here by our side and will make all things work for our good. If the outcome is always good, then we should not fear. There are always 3 things that I must remember to be at rest. They are:

  • Keep my eyes off my weakness.
  • Keep my eyes off the circumstances.
  • Do not believe the lies of the enemy.

If I am not at rest or serene, it is because of one of these areas. He is telling us that to be ready for His coming, we must be at rest and without fear. Some of us have been through some bad heartbreaks and are in need of trust. We must go through the trials that build our faith so we will not lack. He is good and loves us so very much. He will take us through gently if we cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Now is definitely the time!



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