How do we bless the Lord?
What does He need?
Everything belongs to Him.
Do I do the right deed?

Is it really that simple?
What does He want from me?
"Be at rest," He says.
Not so simple for me to be.

He says, "Just trust Me,
with your eyes on Me,
with your heart relying on Me,
joyfully rejoicing before Me!"

Stop looking around.
Stop seeing the trouble.
Start seeing only good,
receiving My reward double.

There is no fear in Me.
Rise up and come away,
into My heart of love,
resting in My arms today.

A Servant
Song of Solomon 2:10



5 thoughts

  1. I love the style today.
    Asking intelligent questions like those will allow God provide knowledge, which will lead to revelation and revelation leads to rhema and rhema leads to action.
    When we act on the revelation we get manifestations of God’s glory and testimonies.
    That will lead us to bless God too and even God is blessed with that


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