And the rod of the man whom I choose shall bud; and I will make to cease from Me the murmurings of the Israelites, which they murmur against you. Amp.


Rod -c) a branch as extending; a rod whether for chastening, for ruling, or walking; a support of life.

Bud -c) bloom; to break forth as a bud, to spread, to fly, to flourish, abundantly.

Almonds -c) to be alert, awake, watch.

Some of the Israelites had complained about Moses and him being their leader. And because of it, the Lord let the earth open up and swallow them and all that belonged to them. Then all the congregation murmured against Moses and Aaron saying you have killed the people of the Lord.

The Lord was going to make a display of those whom he had chosen to stop the murmurings once and for all. They put rods from every leader of the tribes of Israel in the tent before the ark. He said the rod that buds is the man whom I choose. And we know that Aaron’s rod budded with blossoms and yielded ripe almonds. He is from the tribe of Levi, which is the priesthood.

I believe there is always a spiritual meaning for the last days. The Lord will also make a distinction in the last days as to who really serves Him and who do not (Mal.3:18).

His chosen will be adorned with fruit in the last days that will flourish abundantly as they fly above the troubles that are being poured out upon the earth. All of this is done by the great outpouring that is equipping them with mighty supernatural strength. It comes from being in His presence, by being awake and watching.

His presence is stronger than before because He is coming back with all of His Glory, and it is building up and building up stronger and stronger every day.

When we watch and are alert in prayer, we are building up spiritual walls that will never fail. In Matthew 25 He told the foolish virgins, “I do not know you.” If we are faithful in little, He will put us in charge of much, (Matt.25:21). If we spend time in prayer, it may seem to be unimportant when actually we are building up God’s presence within us filling us with the oil from the Holy Spirit. Without this oil we will have the door shut upon us also.

Prayer and praise and worship are the most important of all spiritual activities and probably the most neglected. Many want to be used as the leaders in Church in some way without getting to know the Lord first in the secret place. These are usually the murmurers who complain about the true followers of Jesus.

The Lord will make this distinction again as He did in the days of Moses. We will see His judgment fall in ways not expected. This distinction will close the murmuring mouths.

Matthew 25:29 For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will be furnished richly so that he will have abundance. Amp.



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