PSALM 118:21

I will confess, praise and give thanks to You, for you have heard and answered me, and have become my salvation and deliverer. Amp.


Salvation -c) deliverance, healer, save, victory, safety, rescue, make whole, preserved, liberty, prosperity, welfare, protection.

Deliver -d) to set free or save from evil or danger.

One thing we must never stop doing is confessing our sins, praising God and giving Him thanks. No matter how painful a trial we are going through our deliverance may come at the end of the song of praise and worship. Our daily worship is so very important. He is always teaching us His ways.

In the natural or our sin nature, we want to sit down and complain. But that just prolongs the trial. We always have a lot to be thankful for. We have to adjust our thinking and focus on what we do have. There is always someone who is worse off than we are. But in times of pain, it is hard to focus on the good that God has for us.

That is why prayer is so important. We can focus on the needs of others and not on ourselves. I remember when I first started praying. If my mom was in the Hospital, the Lord would send someone along whose mother was also in the hospital. It was like He was saying you pray for them, and I will take care of your mother.

At the time of my husband’s death, I was praying for many other widows. That was preparation for me to become a widow. And He has always taken care of me. And yes, there have been some really rough times, but He was always there holding me up. He did so many things along the way to let me know He was with me. I am blessed.

It is no blessing to have a calm life with no tragedies without the closeness of the Lord. There was a 10-year period when I lost my mother, my only brother, my husband and my daughter. I was responsible for all the Funeral arrangements. By the time it got to my daughter Melanie’s death I knew what to expect and it make it somewhat easier.

Each time I saw them in the casket, I knew it was just an empty vessel and they were not there. It gave me peace to know they were not in the ground but with Jesus and very happy. So, how can I complain about that. I know where they are, and I will go to them at the right time.

There is no greater blessing than to have Him hear and answer you. He has heard me so many times. I will never stop calling upon Him. There is no greater blessing on this earth than for Him to draw near and wipe away your tears and put His everlasting arms around you and let you know He is there!



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