5. The house which I am about to build is great, for our God is greater than all gods.

6. But who is able to build Him a house, since Heaven, even highest Heaven, cannot contain Him? Who Am I to build Him a house, except as a place to burn incense in worship before Him? Amp.

This is after the death of his father King David. David had won so many battles and had acquired spoils from his victories. The Lord would not let David build His house because He was a man of war. Solomon was a man of peace as His name means peace. His time as King of Israel would have peace on every side because of the battles David won. And because the Lord gave Israel peace.

When you read 11 Chronicles 3-4 you see how much work was done to make the temple truly magnificent. It was done with such exquisite perfection and beauty as none had ever been before. They truly made it special for the Lord to dwell in a beautiful place. But what does this really mean when we know God does not dwell in physical temples but in our hearts?

John 14:23 Jesus answered, if a person really loves Me, he will keep My Word — obey My teaching; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home (abode special dwelling place place) with him. Amp.

The Lord made Israel’s Temple a symbol of His presence. He was teaching them how important it was for them to keep Him first and obey His commandments. The expense, the magnificent details and beauty of the structure was not as important as their devotion and obedience to Him.

Israel should have learned this lesson when enemies came in and took them captive and destroyed their beautiful temple. What is the lesson?

The Lord loves us so very much more than we can understand. He loves us with a pure and holy love that will never end. We should know that He is serious by how He dealt with Israel of old. He says He wants to dwell in our hearts. What an awesome privilege we have been given.

All He is asking is for us to love Him first and obey His Word. That is really not so hard to do especially with His help. He makes it easy for us. We have the power of the Holy Spirit and forgiveness of our sins because of the Blood of Jesus. We have so much more than the Israelites had. How can we say no?



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