PSALM 18:4-6

4. The cords or bands of death surrounded me, and the streams of ungodliness and torrents of ruin terrified me.

5. The cords of Sheol (the place of the dead) surrounded me; the snares of death confronted and came upon me.

6. In my distress (when seemingly closed in) I called upon the Lord and cried to my God; He heard my voice out of His temple (heavenly dwelling place), and my cry came before Him, to His very ears.

David starts out with “I Love You fervently and devotedly, O Lord, my strength, (verse 1).” This is worship and love from the heart. If you want the Lord to listen, the best way is to start with worship. Then he speaks the words of faith from his heart, The Lord is:

  • My Rock
  • My Fortress
  • My Deliverer
  • My God
  • My Strength, in Whom I will trust
  • My Buckler
  • The Horn of my salvation
  • My High Tower

He is starting with words of faith what all God is to Him. He is getting the attention of God. Then in verse 3 he says:

3. I will call upon the Lord Who is worthy to be praised: so, shall I be saved from my enemies. KJV.

He is speaking words of faith and not fear or complaining. What is the first words out of our mouth when trouble comes? This is what the Lord wants from each of us. We all face an enemy who will do his best to steal our faith and victory. And yet not too many of us have had to run for our life and hide and sleep in caves. What did he eat?

I know in this country many believe the government owes them and should supply their needs. That is not what David did. He did not complain that he would be okay if he just had his coffee. He did not complain that the cave did not have any clean towels and the a/c was not putting out enough cold air. Did He call the manager of the cave and complain? That would be God Himself.

Ephesians 5:10-11

10. And try to learn in your experience what is pleasing to the Lord; let your lives be constant proofs of what is most acceptable to Him.

11. Take no part in and have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds and enterprises of darkness, but instead let your lives be so in contrast as to expose and reprove and convict them.

David’s life was unlike the Israelite soldiers. He knew the Lord was with him and would help him to defeat Goliath when the others were afraid. He was a light to the nation, and they all knew that he was different. We are to be in contrast to the world. We are to show them what it means to rely on the Lord and not this world for help.

If we call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised, so shall we be saved from our enemies. Then we will have the attention of others and they will pay attention to our life. We have a great source of power to draw from. No reason to complain, fear or fail. If we ask in the right way, He will set us completely free with a great testimony. Then we too will become the king and ruler He created us to be.



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