If you could have it all,
what would you ask for?
Would you ask to go back,
and have Me to restore?

Would you want
things brand-new,
lifting you up,
with so much to view?

Do you want a change?
Or are you content,
with what you have,
with what you have spent?

Your heart's desire,
I will give to you.
So, tell Me what it is!
Do you know what to do?

Is it not in your asking,
that My answer will come,
without measure to the prayer,
coming from an unselfish one?

What is important to you?
Look around at the others!
Who will ask Me for the hurting,
mothers, sisters and brothers?

Job 42:10
Photo by Allan Watson on Pexels.com

3 thoughts

    1. The Lord told me to get a piece of paper and write this down. Ever since then He gives me a poem every day at the same time. I have nothing to do with what He says. He is ministering to me through it all. I have never written poetry before. He is so good!


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