The Greek definitions of the words trumpet and earthquake are very similar. They have great symbolic and physical significance for the prediction of events for the latter days. Three times in the book of Revelations 6:12, 11:13, and 16:18, it speaks of a great earthquake.

Matthew, Mark and Luke warn of earthquakes in the last days in divers (various) places. The Greek meaning of the word GREAT comes from the word “MEGAS” meaning exceedingly. The scripture is saying there will be more and bigger earthquakes as the time draws near the end.


It has been 12 years since the devastating earthquake changed the way of life for so many. So many have had to live in the tent city created from the massive loss of homes. So many orphans and so many homeless.

We are used to being warned before the coming of a storm…

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the great verses of the Holy Book for all the readers to understand the need of spiritual preparation for the Lord’s coming like a thief,no one knows the time but it can be any time of the day or night.God bless you .Take care.🙏🌹

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