What do you need?
Have you told Me today?
Did you ask in My Name?
Can you hear what I say?

Do you sense My Spirit
floating in the wind?
Can you hear the sound
of the trumpet begin?

Are you asleep in the night?
Have you shut your ears,
not listening to the noise
of the rain falling from the tears?

All of My creation sees
My loving care,
knowing I Am here,
to count every hair.

But My own still doubt,
My goodness and love
as they fuss about,
with cares not from above.

If you could only know,
the strength of My arms,
you would raise a joyful shout,
counting My many charms.

Here I Am, come to dwell,
in your heart of stillness.
Can you rest tonight in Me,
tasting and seeing My goodness?

Have I not proven My love to thee,
as I suffered and bled on Calvary?
I purchased My peace for you.
Now rest and become brand-new!


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