Everything is ready.
The feast is prepared.
The table is set with untold,
goodness to be shared.

My Father has raised His Hand,
pointing the way for Me,
to go and get My bride,
and be wed Eternally.

The time is so near,
for My triumphant ride,
a victorious finale,
to rescue My bride!

Can you not look up and see,
the radiance of My Glory?
Can you not hear My voice,
calling all to be holy?

With eyes on Me,
and what is above,
allow Me to fill your heart,
with My wonderous love.

If you only believe,
it will come and fill,
the emptiness you have known,
with My endurance to be still.

Now is the time.
Today is the day.
Will you be ready for Me?
Do you hear what I say?

Rev. 19:7-16

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