It all belongs to Me,
every star, every tree,
every bird, every flower
coming to be through Me.

What do you need?
Can it ever exceed,
all that is Mine?
What request is thine?

Do you not know,
I have all the keys,
to every door in your life,
with never ending possibilities?

So, ask away!
You have My ear.
What else can I say?
You need not fear.

Do not look around
and see the desolate place.
Have I not promised,
you would look upon My face?

Rest in My love,
flowing from above,
leaving the faithful and true,
with blessings brand-new.

I Am showering My love,
from heaven above,
strengthening thy way,
sending My deliverance today.

Never will it stop.
All that you know will end.
But My grace will exceed
every barrier that I send.

Believe on Me,
and see what I will do.
For I will come.
I will come for you.


2 thoughts

    1. He holds all the keys and is ever willing to give us all things. The lack is always in our asking. You should know that more than anyone. Just look at all He has done for you. He loves you so much!


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