What is the pain you feel?
Is it lasting, does it grow?
Does it leave, come back or heal?
The reason is the cure for you to know.

I Am your healer.
You are the concealer.
I must bring it out,
then you will see what it's about.

You feel it every day, not knowing why.
Why do I have to hurt, you say?
It is stealing my joy, hiding the blue sky.
Please, make it go away you pray.

Come alone to the wilderness with Me.
We will fight together and get victory.
Everyplace you tread, you will see,
the battle you have won for Eternity.

Never will you be out of My sight.
But you must humbly fight,
and forgive the unforgivable.
Then the pain will be removable.

Did I not say
Father, forgive them?
Now you must say,
Lord help me to forgive them.

Then with faith in My power,
You will feel My loving-kindness,
begin to fill and shower,
you with My forgiveness.

That is the reason,
for your pain.
Now is the season,
for My forgiveness to rain.


2 thoughts

  1. The Lord knew that I needed to hear this. I have prayed this, and He is answering my prayer and letting me know that He has heard me. I know that He is my healer and protector. Thank you for sharing His words with us, it is well needed. I love you and always have since I met you all those years ago.

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