TITUS 2:11-14

11. For the grace of God has come forward (appeared) for the deliverance from sin and the eternal salvation for all mankind,

12. It has trained us to reject and renounce all ungodliness (irreligion) and worldly (passionate) desires, to live discreet (temperate, self-controlled), upright, devout (spiritually whole) lives in this present world,

13. Awaiting and looking for the (fulfillment, the realization of our) blessed hope, even the glorious appearance of our great God and Savior Christ Jesus, the Messiah, the Anointed One.

14. Who gave Himself on our behalf that He might redeem us (purchase our freedom) from all iniquity and purify for Himself a people — to be peculiarly His own — people who are eager and enthusiastic about living a life that is good and filled with beneficial deeds. Amp.


Grace -c) the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in the life.

Worldly -d) of this world; temporal or secular: opposed to heavenly, spiritual, etc. 2. devoted to or concerned with the affairs, pleasures, etc. of this world. 3. worldly wise.

The grace of God is poured in our hearts to help us to live the way God has called us to live. The Holy Spirit is similar as they both have a divine influence upon our hearts leading us to holiness. They are essential to us and provide us with great power that without them we would fall. We must walk and live habitually in the Holy Spirit and then we will not gratify the flesh. Gal.5:16

In verse 12 of Titus 2, it says that grace has taught us to renounce ungodliness and worldly desires. This can mean the obvious or not so obvious. If Satan cannot get you with the obvious, he will come up with a trap that you would never see without the protection of the Holy Spirit. We must habitually pray the covenant with a scripture asking Him to do as He has promised.

The definition of worldly is secular and devoted to or concerned with the pleasures of this world. I believe with all my heart the Lord delivered me from watching TV. David Wilkerson preached that it would cause the Holy Spirit to drain out of you. I experienced for myself that when I watched TV, my worship time was like drops falling into my heart where before I had a flood of His Presence in my heart. I was not satisfied or content.

I don’t believe you can watch TV without being exposed to the worldly affairs that are in the news and in the commercials. All the actors even in the clean shows have spirits that can affect you in ways you cannot see. But the Holy Spirit can see. If we are controlled and led by the Holy Spirit, He will never lead you to sit back and relax and give your mind over to whatever you are watching. Satan never sits back, nor should we.

I know this because I had many troubles when I watched TV. When I quit, I had many victories. I loved TV. It seemed to be a place I could go and forget about my pain. The pain always came back when it was over. I prayed every day. I worshipped every day. Then I would read for a while, and I was done. So, I watched TV, and so did everyone I knew who went to Church. The only one I knew who did not watch TV was David Wilkerson. There is no one I respect as much as Him.

I knew David was so anointed. Every message that came was as if Jesus wrote it personally to me. He talked about how he was invited to preach in many Churches because of his book, “The Cross and The Switchblade.” Most of the pastors watched TV and could not wait to get him out of there, they were so convicted.

I knew I had to stop. So, I prayed the covenant, asking Him to supply my needs and He did. I had all this extra time. What was I going to do? He filled up every moment. I got deeper into Him and farther away from the worldly affairs on the television. It was like it did not even exist anymore. He filled my day with Himself, and He still does. He makes me so happy. He is all I will ever need.



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