I know the Way.
I created the Way.
I Am the Way.
I will always be the Way.

What can I say,
to answer the many,
of love that showers,
with pain that is plenty?

Your heart says no,
and draws back,
But I Am here and know,
you will not lack. 

The road is steep and rough.
Why so many hills and turns,
with heights you cannot touch,
and vipers and fire that burns.

Do you want Me to stop,
and leave you alone,
where the road is easy,
with rose petals thrown?

Will you drop your cross 
and let it slip,
losing what you need,
forsaking My fellowship?

You would not be alone.
For the pile is unending,
of forsaken crosses
of the many who are unbending.

I Am testing you.
Will you leave Me too,
or come back to My pain,
the only road to Eternal gain?

John 6:67

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