And he who overcomes (is victorious) and who obeys My commands to the very end– doing the works (that please Me) –I will give him authority and power over the nations;

And He shall rule them with a scepter (rod) of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, and (his power over them shall be) like that which I Myself have received from My Father;


Overcome -d) to get the better of in competition, etc.; conquer; to win.

Revelation 1:20 As to the hidden meaning (the mystery) of the seven stars which you saw on My right hand and the seven lampstands of gold, the seven stars are the seven angels (messengers) of the seven churches (assemblies) and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

In Revelation 2, Jesus is telling John that this is a warning to His Church which is made up of 7 churches. The 7 stars are the angels who are giving the warnings. The 7 lampstands are the 7 churches to whom they are giving the warning.

We know those churches are not here today. So, this message is now for the modern-day church. He tells them their strong points and then tells them their faults. The 3 main things they are rebuked for is leaving their first love, Jesus, eating food sacrificed to idols, and tolerating Jezebel.

There are so many large churches today who may fall into this category. They have become too busy to spend time in prayer and communion in the secret place. Any ministry must have the love of the Lord at the center or it is dead with no power of the Holy Spirit. If there is no power there will be no overcoming and no reward. Will the sheep be saved?

What does it mean to eat food that has been sacrificed to idols? The idolatrous temples had animal sacrifices. The meat from these sacrifices would end up in the market place with a stamp on it saying, that it had been offered to an idol. Israel was to stay away from anything to do with idolatry. What does this mean to us today?

I believe that if we live following the Holy Spirit and not our flesh, that there are certain foods that the world is addicted to and we are to stay away from. These foods are addictive. The Holy Spirit will always lead to to a healthy lifestyle.

He will not let you be addicted to the caffeine and sugar that is in the soft drinks, coffee and tea that the world is addicted to. He will not let you over indulge in sweets that can cause high blood sugar and diabetes. It is just not good for you. The fast food is addictive. He does not want an idolater cooking your food. I know no one wants to hear that. Pray about it and see what you find out.

When disasters strike, the stores are cleaned out pretty quick. What would you do if you could not get your hands on the food you were addicted to? Your body would react in pain. That is not the lifestyle the Lord wants for us. He wants us to be overcomers, and us control the flesh, not the flesh control us.

The Church of today is so large and there is a lot of false teaching. There is so much of the world in the church. Jezebel is very much tolerated.

The bottom line is always about who or what do you love? If you love Jesus first, you will do everything to be in His favor and pleasing to Him. You will pray and want to know what He wants. That is the only way to becoming an overcomer.

Mark 3:35 For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is My brother, and My sister, and mother. KJV



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