Something new
Something good
Something clean
Something pure
Think on the good of My new
and sure plan for you!

The devil brings up the past,
always intending to hurt you,
with thoughts that will cast
guilt and shame that is not new.

How long will you let him 
drag you down,
into the the mire and pit,
that will steal your crown?

I bring beauty to your soul
that lights up all you know,
sending away sadness,
leaving joy and gladness.

You need faith to receive
the gifts I send,
of My power, My love, My joy
that will never end.

My heart aches to fill
you with My glory.
It will change you,
so you can tell My story.

Soon the sky will open,
and I will appear!
Are you ready for My Day,
for it is very near?

Be ready to see the end,
because it is sure,
bringing the new, the good,
the clean and the pure!


5 thoughts

    1. These always minister to me. I know He loves you. You are fighting the same enemy we all fight and he is a liar. I hope your new job works out. It sounds like you were being attacked the first day by a spirit of fear. So I am praying and binding that spirit. Maybe this is your opportunity to tell your book instead of writing it! Good Luck sweet Shazzy!


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