Song of Solomon 8:13-14  O you who dwell in the gardens, your companions have been listening to your voice; now cause me to hear it. 

14.  Joyfully the radiant bride turned to Him, the one altogether lovely, the chief among ten thousand to her soul, with unconcealed eagerness to begin her life of sweet companionship with Him, she answered, “Make hast my Beloved, and come quickly, like a gazelle or a young hart and take me to our waiting home upon the mountain of spices.”  Amp.

This is the beautiful account of the bride of Christ.  Verse 5 says, “Who is this who comes up from the wilderness leaning on her Beloved?”  Revelation 12 is also about the bride in the wilderness.  She has a place prepared for her, a desert, a retreat, where she is to be fed and kept safe.  What makes her different than the others?

I have known and prayed for some who have died and gone on to be with the Lord.  I watched their life, because I prayed for them.  Yet when they died, they did not have the victory in their life, but the Lord assured me that they were with Him. We all may partake of His gift of Salvation, but the rewards are not the same.

The wilderness experience for the Israelites was to teach them to put their trust in the Almighty.  Yet, how many made it to the promise land, trusting in the Lord and not complaining against Him?  

The big difference between them and the last days body of Christ is the threat of His wrath being poured out in our lifetime. Daniel 12:1 says, “there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation…”  If we are to endure the last days time of trouble, we must let the Holy Spirit prepare us or faith could easily turn into fear causing the great falling away (2 Thess. 2:3).

The Church has heard the rapture will take them out of the earth before the trouble begins.  How many will choose the wilderness experience?   My late husband, Gary and I had Bible Study in our home for years.  We taught many messages about the Last Days. I remember a lady who came and loved the songs.  She was so happy, dancing around and lifting her hands and just singing away.  I was preaching about the rapture.  She became very serious and said, “I have never heard it preached that way before.”  She never came back.  People want an easy, comfortable message.  But what will happen when it turns out differently.  They will become offended and distrust Him whom they ought to trust and obey, Matt. 24:10.

Revelation 12:14  “But the woman was supplied with the two wings of a giant eagle, so that she might fly from the presence of the serpent into the desert or wilderness…”  

The scripture says that she might fly.  We must choose to pick up the power that is offered to us and resist the devil and his fear and his lies.  It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that we will be equipped with what we need to stand in the last days of trouble that is coming.  Today is the day to get ready. We cannot waste these precious hours by selfish pastimes that steal away our prayer time, praise and worship and communion time. 

It is when we endure trials that we must put on the wings of the Spirit and learn to fight. There are many trials that we can walk away from and miss the spiritual blessing that is offered to us. I have had many problems that could have been fixed with a phone call or handy man. But the Lord shut that door to me. I could have forced it open, but I knew I would have been out of His will for me.

I have spent many hours praying about water pipes, faucets, leaks and much more. I am very small and not very strong. Yet He has been with me in impossible tasks that I knew I could not do, but I did them with Him. I really believe that I can do all things with Christ. I needed those trials that were not my choice at all. But now I believe, what I need to believe!

There is a great reward for those who endure till the end. How can you endure till the end if you are raptured away? She comes out of the wilderness leaning on her Beloved ready to begin her life of companionship with Him. What reward could be better? I don’t know about you, but I want to be as close to Jesus as possible. This life is the only place where we can meet the tests that will bring such a glorious reward!

Make haste my Beloved and come quickly and take me to our waiting home upon the mountain of spices.



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