MARK 9:23 And Jesus said, You say to Me, If You can do anything? Why all things can be — are possible — to him who believes. Amp.


Believeth (KJV) – c) to have faith in with respect to a person or thing, to entrust, to commit, to put trust in.

Jesus was being asked by the father whose son was being tormented by a dumb spirit that left him in a terrible state. He had given the disciples authority over evil spirits but they could not cast out this one. It was such a tragic scene that even the father doubted. Jesus did cast out the evil spirit and the boy survived.

Afterwards the disciples asked Jesus why could they not cast it out? And Jesus replied, “This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.” KJV

Satan had tormented this boy for a long time and would throw him into the fire and into the waters, causing him great suffering. Satan loves to put on a show to cause fear so that faith will not work. He does that with all of us.

My daughter, Melanie was 10 years old when she got Juvenile Onset Diabetes. You might as well say our family was tormented by a spirit of fear which is the opposite of faith. I spent so much time fasting and praying, but she died at the age of 25 after 11 months on Dialysis.

The Lord did reveal to me in a precious way that she is with Him. He told me my prayers will be answered somewhere, sometime in a poem. To me that means she is in heaven with my husband, both are waiting for me.

I watched her suffer so much that last year, that I felt she was really healed and so much happier where she is now. He gave me another wonderful spiritual child named Cheryl. I believe He was saying, “You love and take care of Cheryl and I will love and take care of Melanie.” She could not be in better hands.

Cheryl is so good to me. I have three other daughters who live out of state. I think the suffering was too great for them. Satan can wreak havoc with one spirit of fear in any family. I know He is taking care of them too. Meanwhile I am enjoying caring for Cheryl who is so easy to love.

When Jesus said “This kind can come forth by nothing but prayer and fasting,” He was not only speaking of the child. He was speaking of the unbelief of the father and the disciples. When you fast the fast the Lord leads you into, it is a wonderful experience. Faith can only grow.

Most think of fasting as water only or something so hard they back away from it. Matt. 6:17 says, “But when you fast,” not if you fast. We all need the benefits of fasting. There are so many. The best part of fasting is when you really give up your favorite foods for a time, the Lord draws so much closer that you don’t want to go back to eating what you did before. You want that closeness to continue. The food is not as important as it was before.

Most fasting can be like a Daniel or partial fast. The Lord will deal with anything that is not good for you like caffeine and sugar. The body can be so addicted to these that when you do without them in a fast, you will receive a terrific headache. It is best to fast caffeine and sugar before any fast.

You want to make sure you are on the fast that the Lord chooses (Is. 58). That is where the blessings are. He will feed you in such a special way, just like when He fed the multitudes, they were all satisfied. There were times when I ate very little of the simplest food and it could not have tasted any better.

There was a spirit of fear trying to control my family and now it is gone. Spirits do not die. They remain. But I have the blessed life the Lord wanted for me. I learned so much of how Satan works and how much authority I have been given. I would not have learned anything without the fasting. It did go out by prayer and fasting.

We are not always privileged to know the future, but if we trust and believe we can have a blessed life because, “All things are possible to him who believes!”


We can study the Word of God, we can memorize it, and we can quote it everywhere we go. But study only exposes us to truth. It is experiences, particularly through times of suffering, that brings us to the place where the real power of that truth becomes known. And so we see a great difference between the person who says like Paul, “I have learned.”


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  1. You have used the most powerful tools to fight your battles. So sorry for the loss of your daughter


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