LUKE 12:15

And He said to them, “Guard yourselves and keep free from all covetousness — the immoderate desire for wealth, the greedy longing to have more; for a man’s life does not consist and is not derived from the possessing overflowing abundance, or that which is over and above his needs.”

He goes on to say not to worry about what you have to eat, drink and wear. If God feeds the birds of the sky, how much more will He feed and take care of us. We must seek Him and His Kingdom first which means it must be the most important thing to us. He must be our treasure and not the things of this world.

The Israelites gathered manna every morning for their daily food. It never lasted till the next day, but got wormy. Our food is not like that today. But the scripture is the same today. This country has been so blessed. There are so many stores to choose from to buy food. And so much to choose from. Why is there so much? Why are there so many fast food restaurants?

What was the cause of the fall of mankind? What did the serpent use to tempt Eve but food. If you go on down to verse 42-48, it says what happens to the servant who did not get ready because his Master was late coming back. He began to strike and eat and drink with the drunken. The definition of drunk here is to be intoxicated or poisoned. This verse is not talking about alcohol.

Everyone is different and has different tastes. We can drown our sorrows many different ways. We all have to eat to survive, so Satan tries to use it against us. There are so many foods that are addictive and just right unhealthy. And this country is addicted to them. But the Church should not be addicted to them.

If we seek Him first he will feed us with finest of wheat if we let Him. We cannot be greedy about what we eat. He knows what we need and what will harm us. The Holy Spirit will lead you to a healthy lifestyle and away from food that is addictive and stimulants such as caffeine. He wants to be in control of our life. If we seek Him first, those things will die away easily without drastic withdrawals and cravings. But we have to give Him control of what goes into our bodies.

If we could see down the years of our life and see how the food we have eaten has left our bodies with diabetes, heart disease and a lot of needless pain and suffering only because we did not take this seriously.

My daughter got Juvenile Onset Diabetes when she was 10 years old. It changed our life. She died at 25 after 11 months in Dialysis. I know she is with Jesus. But I watched her suffer so much because of food. Now she is not suffering anymore and is with her father waiting for me.

Now I try my best everyday to focus on the good plan the Lord has for me. I am still here for a reason. My one desire is to be here and witness that white horse coming in the clouds with my beautiful Bridegroom. That would be worth it all!


I know I have faith when I can truly say, “My God is the God of the impossible. And, live or die, I am His. I cast Myself into His arms. He will see me through, even unto death and all eternity.”



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