PSALM 28:7

7. The Lord is my strength and my impenetrable shield; my heart trusts, relies on and confidently leans on Him, and I am helped; therefore, my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song will I praise Him. Amp.

Sometimes the harder the trial the easier it is to exercise faith. I remember when I had to go to funerals how truly painfully, difficult it was. My husband and daughter’s funerals were the hardest. I remember just placing my hand in His and asking Him to lead me as I had no strength or desire to go. I had to face many people and had to have the right words when I had no words.

My Husband, Gary’s was so difficult as he had many attend from where he worked. He died suddenly of a heart attack, and we were all in shock. It is amazing how the Lord takes over when you are empty. He gave me so many words and strength. I felt like it was all a bad dream that was not real. But it was real. The one I had leaned on for 24 years was not standing beside me anymore. Now I had a new husband. Jesus would be my all in all from now on. He was and still is!

When I went to the cemetery later to purchase the headstone, I had to park close to the gravesite. I could not look at it. I went in and did what I had to do and came out. I knew to drive the car I would have to look toward Gary’s grave. But when I got to the car the sun was setting in the same spot and it was sparkling and beautiful and so bright, I could not look at it anyway.

The next morning this is what I read in my CH Spurgeon Devotional:

“Seest thou that little river of death glistening in the sunlight, and across it dost thou mark the pleasant country and all its joyous inhabitants.”

This is the place where my mother and daughter are also buried. The Lord blessed me with His peace and strength at the hardest of times letting me know He was in control, and everything was okay. My loved ones are safe and happy.

Since then, He has changed my life so completely. He has revealed Himself to me in ways I could never have experienced if they were still alive. My life is so much better than it was. I have learned that He never takes anything away without giving you something better. He is and always will be good in every way if we let Him.

PSALM 28:8-9 The Lord is their unyielding strength, and He is the stronghold of salvation to me His anointed. 9. Save your people and bless Your heritage: nourish and shepherd them and carry them forever.


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