1 JOHN 3:22

22. And we receive from Him whatever we ask for because we (watchfully) obey His orders — observe His suggestions and injunctions, follow His plan for us — and (habitually) practice what is pleasing to Him. Amp.


Obedience -d) a doing what was ordered.

One of the main ingredients in Christianity is obedience. Our obedience makes our service to the Lord sweet. We can get to know Him by how we follow Him and His ways. We learn of Him, and it is wonderful.

There may be times we are not sure which road to take. The Lord is always in control even when we don’t know what to do. He will use it for our good and we will learn from it. He knows what is best for us and we can see the fruit of our obedience as we learn what He expects from us.

I believe one of the hardest parts of obeying Him is with our words. We must learn to be silent when we want to speak. It does not mean we are saying something destructive just our will and not His. We must learn obedience in all areas.

We must stay close to Him and learn to follow His orders. We must be in communication with Him. We must learn His voice. We must give Him time to speak to us and then test the spirits to make sure it was Him. The enemy has a voice, and our flesh has a voice. He will let them speak so we can learn the difference. It takes time so it is very important to start now.

It is a great thing to have your prayers answered and obedience is a big part. It is a thing that we grow in so we must be patient with ourselves. He is always patient with us. He knows what we need and loves us all the way.


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