5. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee. KJV


Forces -c) an army, wealth, virtue, valor, strength, able, host, might, power, goods, riches, brave, courageous, fearlessness, general moral excellence, goodness of character.

Isaiah 60 is quite a beautiful picture of Jerusalem and what a blessing it shall become. We have discussed some of the other verses recently. Tonight, I want to discuss verse 5.

Forces is translated by the amplified to say the abundant wealth. This is from the heathen or enemies that Satan has blessed financially and emotionally. He is able to torment someone or leave them alone and they will feel they are being blessed by God when they are actually just being left alone by the devil.

In the last days the Lord will bring His recompense, and all will reap what they have sown. So, He will take away from those who are being judged and give to those who are being rewarded. Just what is He going to give them? What is abundant wealth?

The answer is hidden in the definition of “forces.” He does give riches and goods, but is that really what is the most valuable? I believe to be fearless is one of the best possible blessings to have. He wants us to be at rest when He comes and that means without fear. We must be like the 5 wise virgins and have extra oil by being faithful in the little things as we watch and pray.

He will give us the spiritual riches that will strengthen us to become able to stand before Him when He comes. To be courageous is quite an achievement, but even better is general moral excellence and goodness of character. This is the true characteristics of Jesus.

He says He will put the enemy to flight by raising up a standard. He is making His Jerusalem which is His overcoming bride spotless and blameless. They have the strength, might and power of an army. This is truly abundant wealth, enough to defeat any foe.

This is the Holy people in Isaiah 35:8. These are those who stand before the throne blameless and without fault in Revelation 7:12-17. These are the bright lights that shine like the stars in Daniel 12:3. These are the overcoming bride who will rule and reign with Jesus l000 years.

These have been blessed with the true abundant wealth that is eternal and will never perish and what we should all strive to obtain.


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