PSALM 16:8

8. I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

Again, we are reading from Psalm 16. There is so much here to learn. This verse is saying something very important to our safety. We must be seeking the Lord with all our heart. We must search until we find Him and then set Him before us as we would put the most important thing we have in a safe place.

He is the one Who sets Himself where we can find Him. He has made Himself available to us. Then He sets back to see what we will do. We each have this opportunity to set Him before us. What do you want? Would you rather set before a screen whether a computer, TV or a phone?

We learn how to come into His presence. In our worship or communion time we can be still and allow His presence to fill our hearts. When we shut our eyes, He is there. Our spiritual eyes sees Him. That is how we set Him before us or at our right hand. If we do this continually it grows and is easier to see and be with Him.

We are told this is our safety because we will not be moved. He is continually there for us. We can depend upon Him every day to be there. Anytime during the day we can come and unload our cares and come away refreshed.

We will not be moved, therefore… my heart is glad and rejoices, I am at rest and confidently dwell in safety. Then we know He will show us the safe path to go on, we have His fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore!

This world cannot do any of these things for us. It will only bring judgement. It is up to us to choose to set Him before us and then we are safe and completely taken care of.


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