Rest in My love.
All will be still.
You know I'm here.
That is My will.

My plan is not yours.
Mine is far too high,
above all you can see.
Just rest and rely.

Let Me plan for thee,
so beautiful and true.
Your life a wonder,
lifting up into the blue.

No clouds for thee.
Storm and tempest stilled.
Only peace and rest,
in you I have filled.

See the end is good.
Never a disappointment.
I've blotted out the bad,
and left you holy enjoyment.



9 thoughts

      1. I just found this comment. She must have been a really good nurse. I did see where I spelled it wrong. but it is such a pretty name and I love the way it is spelled.All this time I thought you were Tammy. I like Tamarra so much more! πŸŽΆπŸŒΌπŸ’˜

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