LUKE 6:8

8. But He was aware all along of their thoughts, and He said to the man with the withered hand, Come and stand here in the midst. And he arose and stood there.

Jesus knows the Pharisees were trying to find fault with Him. So, what does He do? Does He try to just heal the man quietly? No, instead He makes sure He is seen by all.

9. Then Jesus said to them, I ask you, is it lawful and right on the Sabbath to do good (so that someone derives advantage from it), or to do evil? to save a life and make a soul safe or to destroy it?

10. Then He glanced around at them all, and said to the man, Stretch out your hand? And he did so, and his hand was fully restored like the other one.

Did Jesus heal the man quietly and then just go on His way unnoticed? No He did just the opposite. He made sure that everyone there saw what He did. He asked the man to stand up in the midst where he could be seen. Then Jesus spoke to them loud and clear.

Then I think the best part is He stands there and looks around the room at them all. He makes eye contact. He does not try to avoid being seen. He knows everything. He knows they are going to use this act against Him.

How many times do we have the chance to make Jesus known to the unsaved ones in our life but we back away and try not to call attention to ourselves? We try to avoid being persecuted and being called different than the world. That is what we should want.


9. O you who bring good tidings To Zion, get up to the high mountain; O you who bring good tidings to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with strength; lift it up be not afraid; say to the cities of Judah, Behold your God!

How many times do you have the opportunity to tell someone the Lord is coming back soon and they need to get ready? The Lord gives us opportunities to be a good witness for Him. We should not fail Him and speak up without fear.

Are their times in Church when the Lord wants to use you in the gifts of the Spirit, but you keep silent? Do you praise loud enough so all know where you stand? It is time for us to speak up and say, “Behold Your God!”


4 thoughts

  1. Great word !!!
    No one lits the candle and try to hide it.
    Let the good works be seen out there as a testimony of the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    If people are no longer ashamed of their evil deeds that they do them publicly, surely the works of the saints should be more louder

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  2. You make a great point. God would rather us be bold as lions in his business, than to be silent and invisible where he does not get the glory. He called us to give him glory, and to be loud, blow trumpets, to celebrate his goodness. Why should the world have all the fun, and hoopla? Why should we be quiet?


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