Therefore put on God’s armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day (of danger), and having done all (the crisis demands), to stand firmly in your place.


Stand — C) “histemi” abide, appoint, covenant, continue, establish

Putting on God’s armor is not something we just believe, though we must believe for it to work. It takes a spiritual action on our part of putting it on and wearing it just as we wear our clothes everyday. Some days you dress up. Some days you wear your comfortable clothes just to stay home.

What does it mean to put on God’s armor. This belongs to Him so it is a special gift to us and we should treat it with special respect and care. We must give each piece special attention and understand what is required.

Each one is a very large subject with very much written about them. We know our weak areas and can pray for the Holy Spirit’s help and He will surely give what we need. It is so vital because this word “stand” is the same word that is used in Revelation 6:17 “who is able to stand?”

The definition ties together each word in meaning. We know we need God’s Covenant which would be faith in Jesus and His promises. We must remain always with Jesus and to abide. He must have appointed us to victory or we would never overcome. But establish may be the most important.

Deuteronomy 28:9

The Lord will establish you as a people holy to Himself, as He has sworn to you, if you keep the commandments of the Lord and walk in His ways.

We must keep His commandments and walk in His ways and then He will know we are serious about Him and our calling. Only He can establish us and deliver us from our sin nature and make us holy and pure in His eyes. But everyday we must put on the right clothes and prepare for the battles we must all face.

The devil hates all who are serious about their walk with the Lord and will do what he can to stop them. But if like David we don’t run the other way but run at him with something as small as a sling and a stone but with faith that is very big we will win.


  1. Truth — What lies from the enemy do you believe? — Ps. 51 — Belt
  2. Righteousness — Where is your Trust? — Rom. 3&4 — Breastplate
  3. Peace — No Anxiety — Phil. 4 — Shoes
  4. Faith — Grows in Trials — Rom. 5 — Shield
  5. Salvation — Drink from Pure Water — Is.12 — Helmet
  6. Word of God — Live it and Speak it — Luke 4 — Sword
  7. Prayer — Leads to Power — James 5



2 thoughts

  1. There was a time I did not understand putting on the whole armor of God. But over the course of life and my life experiences I learned that I just can not put just one piece of that armor on. I must put the whole armor on.

    What I was doing was putting on one piece and not the rest, thinking to myself that I was covered. No wonder I could not fight those fiery darts. I was not properly dressed. Once I understood that. Things became much clearer to me. No wonder Paul stated we work out our Salvation daily.

    Great posting!!!☺


  2. That is so good. I think my biggest problem is the enemies lies. Fear and unbelief are not allowed. Truth has to reign and then I guess like you said, It is one garment. I’ve never heard that. Thank you for your words!


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