Phil.4:6-7 in Amp. says there are 4 things that are very important and we must pray about.

  • Do not fret or have any anxiety
  • Pray with thanksgiving
  • Fearing nothing from God and being content
  • Allow God’s peace to protect our heart

There are times for me when I think everything is just fine. But the Lord is keeper of my heart and He has ways of letting me know when something is not right. I have a picture of a ladder with steps to faith and steps to fear. He quite often tells me to look at the ladder.

As I read down the list I begin to see what might be the problem that I did not know I had. I basically tend to get my spiritually eyes on my own weakness or the circumstances, or I am believing a lie from the enemy.

These all begin with worry. As we start to worry about a problem, we open the door for doubt and unbelief which leads to fear. The Lord is always looking in our heart for trust and faith in Him. When we allow problems to steal our faith we are in a dangerous place. We must be on guard and learn how to cast our care now before times grow worse.

If we fret and fear we need to voice our thanksgiving by remembering all the good He has done for us in the past. We must try to be content by not complaining about the trial we are in which is sometimes easier said than done, at least for me. The more we complain, the longer the trial I have found.

The best thing to do is to pour out your heart to God because He is the only one who can fix it. As we talk to Him, we should always expect Him to answer. When I first started asking Him for help I would pray and bind Satan and stick my finger in the middle of my Bible. He always answered me to my amazement. He spoke to me this way for years until I was able to hear His voice.

However He speaks many ways. Sometimes it through a song, or through a person. Sometimes through numbers or nature, even the sky and the weather. He is so beautiful and will never run out of ways to speak to His children.

There have been times when I knew I needed help believing so I asked Him to give me something to hang on to in the trial. He always gave me the perfect answer. This is when I believe my burden left my heart and the weight of it shifted to Him. My eyes were no longer on the problem but on Him and the answer He gave me. I know that He cannot lie and I can trust everything He has said to me. Now I can allow His peace to take that burden’s place and it protects me while I await the answer to my prayer and the end of the trial.

After learning to hear His voice, He always reminds me that he is already there making all things work for my good, so there is nothing to fear. My heart can be at rest and free of care because He is fully in control of my problem so there is nothing for me to worry about therefore I have cast my care upon Him and He has delivered me from fear in this area.

There is no greater joy than to know He has spoken to you!

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